We Were Treated Worse Than Nigerians At The Border, Indians Fleeing Ukraine Cry Out

Some Indian students who have recently fled Ukraine said border guards in the troubled country treated Nigerians better than them.
There have been reports, along with videos of Nigerians and other nationals being turned back at Ukraine’s borders in their attempt to exit the troubled country for neighbouring ones.

Nevertheless, students returning home to the Indian state of Odisha claim they were treated worse. 

According to a report by Nigeriabroad, some of the Indian students recall having to walk miles in sub-zero temperatures waving the Indian flag and being heckled by Ukrainian soldiers before crossing the border to safety.

One of the students said they lived in a bunker from February 24 and exited it only three days later.
Another said: “The Ukrainian soldiers were cordial to Nigerians and others but were harsh on Indians. I was heckled by them before crossing the international border to enter Romania. We walked 12 km in minus six degrees Celsius, which was really painful.”
Many Indian students are still trapped in the country.

No fewer than 775 Nigerians fleeing the intense bombings and missiles fired by Russia’s military forces had been flown back to the country since evacuation efforts started last Friday.

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