Abeco builds the largest water tank in Africa

By Simdi Gloria:-

Abeco Tanks has announced the completion of their biggest tank in Africa. Equal to the surface area of two tennis courts, the water tank holds 5.8 Million litres of water, providing a water storage ‘bank’ to one of South Africa’s biggest poultry producers.

Similar to a bank, the storage tank allows the producer to save water which is critical for their survival in the North West Province of South Africa, where water interruption and scarcity is common.

The sectional bolted 5.8 million litres steel tank was manufactured exactly to meet the needs of the agricultural giant.

The chicken farm that Abeco built the tank for is the largest supplier of poultry in the country and the tank is required for the survival of livestock and working of the processing plant.

Mannie Ramos Jnr, COO of Abeco Tanks comments: “We are the only tank manufacturer in Southern Africa that had the expertise to manufacture and supply a tank of this size in the timeframe it was needed.”

The 5.8M litre tank manufactured by the Abeco team was joined to the existing tank on-site, as well as make sure it was water-tight and secure, in just38 days compared to 128 days – the average time frame for a tank of this size.

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