Computer Programmer arrested by DSS over #EndSars tweet released after 40 days

By Simdi Gloria:-

Michael Imoleayo, A computer programmer who was on November 13, 2020 arrested for supporting the recent #EndSARS protests that rocked the nation has been released.

It’s gathered that 40 days after he was whisked away from his house, he was granted bail on Wednesday.

Micheal wasn’t on the street of Abuja as one of the protesters during the #EndSARS protest in the city. His tweets however showed that he had been openly critical of bad governance in Nigeria and was in support of the protest.

According to his wife, Titilayo, who said about 20 armed men were at their house around 2:30 am, interrogated the computer programmer and took him away.

she said, “The footsteps sounded like people matching in twos. I peeped from the window, but I didn’t notice the uniform at first, I just saw men with guns. Michael woke up when they came as the dogs were barking.”

Titilayo said her husband blew his whistle to inform the whole compound about the development.

“When he blew the whistle, the armed men said from outside, ‘You people should not try anything funny, you are outnumbered, just calm down, we are here for questioning.

“We switched on the light and peeped again, we saw that there were up to 20 armed men in our compound.

“They spoke to us again, then one of them tore our window net with his gun. The window was half-open. He pointed the gun inside from the burglarproof. He said, ‘You guys should just come out, we are not here to harm you. If you don’t come out, we are going to fire.

“When we got outside, the soldiers, who were dressed in camouflage, had surrounded the whole house.

“One of the men in plain clothes was on the two-seater very close to my husband; he was telling him things. I tried to move closer to hear what he was saying but two of those armed men came in between us and pointed the gun at me to tell me to move back,” she said.

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