UN Warns of Unfolding Humanitarian Crisis in Ethiopia

By Simdi Gloria:- 

The UN said a full-blown humanitarian crisis is developing in Ethiopia as thousands of people flee the Tigray region as violence deepens.

A military offensive was launched in the Tigray region by the Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on November 4 after its ruling party, The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) was accused of attacking federal troops in the Northern region. Airstrikes have been carried out by the Federal army which has led to clashes in the area.

The United Nations Refugee Agency spokesperson Bahar Baloch said refugees from Tigray are arriving across the border with few belongings.

Clean water is available and latrines are being built in the border town of Hamadayet, but there are concerns about hygiene as thousands arrive daily, says the agency.

Other humanitarian organizations are in motion distributing relief items to refugees.
The Sudanese Ministry of Health and the Sudanese Red Crescent have set up clinics and are conducting health screenings on arriving refugees.

A telecommunication and light black out in Tigray has made it difficult to access the death toll and how fighting is.

Abiy Ahmed thanked those who surrendered to the Ethiopian National Defense Forces in a short Facebook post saying those militia and special forces acted responsibly in saving the people.

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