Insecurity: Uneducated Terrorist Sympathizers Cannot Save Nigeria From Collapsing – By Elochukwu Nickolas Ohagi

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There is no way uneducated fellows and terrorists sympathizers could have saved Nigeria from collapsing. A people who thinks education is all about speaking high sounding grammar can never rescue a dying nation, not to talk of a nation destined to die.

The truth is that, there is never a time Nigeria have what we can call good security system. Nigeria was only basking on the unanimous decisions of the unsecured suffering people of Nigeria to remain law abiding. The worse is that Nigeria don’t have what it takes to rescue the country from an internal uprising.

When I hear people talk as if Nigeria from the start of things have security, I immediately understand why things are continuously falling apart in Nigeria. How come you people think that having police men and military men on check points extorting money from motorists means that you all are secured.

Nigeria politicians for the past 20 years have been stealing, looting and embezzling funds, with the people keeping quiet. They have made lives difficult for the people, and supervising the killing of the people in the hands of Nigeria Army, Police and terrorists. They have used the military to commit genocide on communities that decide to rise up against tyranny. Ogoni, Zarki Ibiam and Odi were all raised down by Nigeria Government in different occasions. They kept subduing people and made them too afraid to talk.

They never believed that a day will come when almost everybody will become aware of the atrocities of Nigeria politicians and One Nigeria. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu using his Radio educated the suffering masses in Nigeria and woke them up from slumber.

Who would have believed that the same Nigeria police that kill people at random on Nigeria roads, will run leaving their police stations at the mercy of few youths popularly known as Gun no men, abi men no gun. They run like little dogs with tails stuck in between their legs. And their military men are not left out.

The only method Nigeria military and police knows in terms of securing a state or community is bringing terror on innocent people, as to put fear on every body. There is no data, no investigation, just kill innocent people and things will be okay. But unfortunately, it is not going to work.

Nigeria have declared war on her own citizens. Nigeria military are killing civilians in Orlu, Owerri and entire South East. How can Nigeria military survive the war they are waging on her own people? You fight the core North, fight the middle belt, the West and East at the same time. And somehow you think you can win the war.

It is going to get worse. And Nigeria will not survive it. You are going to witness a division in the military and this will end what you today know as Nigeria.

Time alone will tell.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2021.

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