[OPINION]: Time To Face Your Own Regional Leaders Is Now – Elochukwu Ohagi


Nigeria Government looking for IPOB members to arrest. I heard that one Igbo trader was just abducted right in his shop three weeks ago in Aba by Nigeria soldiers. He has not been seen till this very day. They now abduct and disappear you.

Just two days ago at Ladipo Lagos State, group of Nigeria soldiers shot and murdered three promising Igbo young traders. That was after they burnt down shops belonging to Ndị Igbo.

At Imo State, it became a killing field. Hundreds of Igbo youths and daughters killed and branded unknown Gunmen.

The Fulani controlled Nigeria government have unleashed killer soldiers upon us all. They are killing at will. Anyone can be killed.

Gumi goes about frolicking with Bandits. He even go there with military and police escorts, yet no one is arresting him. Rather, he keeps honoring interviews upon interviews. But Rudy Rochman, an Israeli Zonist Activist and his team were arrested by DSS in Ogidi. The government said they had contact with IPOB. They arrest people they feel that have contact with a non violent group, but encourage those meeting with bandits and terrorists.

Fulani herdsmen in the last one week have killed not less than 300 people in Kaduna, Benue and Zamfara and no one is after them. No military, no police or DSS is tracking and arresting them. Their leaders are not just claiming responsibility, they are threatening more war upon the people. No one is arresting and murdering these herdsmen for killing hundreds of citizens.

Upon all these, we see Igbo leaders bowing shamelessly to Fulani kings and queens. We see leaders support the killing of their own youths through unguarded words and silence.

Brothers and Sisters,

Your problem is your Igbo leaders. They have felt too secured and protected that they don’t care if you are killed or raped by the janjaweed. They think they have enough security given to them by their masters. They think they have slaved and obeyed their masters so well that their safety are guaranteed. I tell you brothers, you must turn your eyes unto these despicable leaders of yours.

They must feel what you are feeling. I tell you this, they are not invincible as you think. Question them. Ask them why they do nothing and talk only about voting while Igbo youths are being wiped off. They must be forced to face the panel of the youths.

Shouting Fulani oligarchy did these and that got to stop. Time to stop shouting Federal government did this and that is now.

This is the time to force your leaders to support the people. No more begging. If they can’t support you willingly, you force them to do that in fears. Yes, that is what you must do.
A politician is there for his people. It is believed he won election because the people voted him in. We don’t care if it was the oligarchy that made him governor. We just don’t care. What we know is that he is a servant of the people and must do according to what the people want. He must not be begged to do this. Since the system is bastardized. Since he can’t be impeached or recalled legally, you must put that fear in them. The fear that the people are not smiling again. That fear of the unknown.

It must not be business as usual. It is now time to face them. Look around you. Your problem is back home. Your killers draw strength from your leaders back home. You are arrested, murdered and raped because of them.

Every man must bear this in mind. That the governors, senators, and every politician must be confronted. If they don’t feel threatened, they won’t sit up.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2021.

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