Ochacho Carnival Benue: Two Fun Seekers Reportedly Shot Dead By Trigger Happy Police Officer

By Newsie:-

The lives of two youths in Otukpo, Benue State were cut short on Christmas Day when a trigger-happy policeman allegedly opened fire on the fun seekers at the maiden edition of the Ochaho Carnival 2020 in Otukpo.

Ochacho Carnival is an Idoma International Carnival is an annual event held in Otukpo in Benue State, Nigeria.

According to IDOMA VOICE, Fem crooner, Davido, Zlatan, Peruzzi, Magnito, John Okafor, and other stars were also at the venue when the incident happened.

It was gathered through a source who wouldn’t want to be named that the said officer was not invited by organizers of the event.

He narrated what transpired and said, “We are grateful to God alone for sparing our lives today.

“I and my brother came to the venue of the carnival only to be restricted at the street junction for not wearing the entry tag and facemask which was supposed to be our pass. One of the bouncers barricading the place asked us to wait till the tags and facemask are made available because it was just after 8 pm and the show hasn’t started officially.

“After waiting for some time, they brought some tags but it wasn’t enough for everyone, so the guys went back to get more, then suddenly some security personnel came with guns, then the next thing we heard was gunshots and we saw one Jenifer Robert and the other boy on the ground bleeding.

“The bouncers and other security that were they rushed and grab the security personnel and starting fighting him, his colleagues that he came with disappeared.”

He said that the angry fun-seekers pounced on the security operative, who was identified as Gordon, that shot the two youths to death. And, it was other of his colleagues who came and rescued him.

“The guy that shot at the people was identified as Gordon because that was what they were calling him.

“Almost everybody there pounced on him to the point that we thought that he was going to die too before some other security men came out from Ochacho’s house and took him away while others carried the people that was shot to the hospital saying angrily that they sent them to come and spoil their Carnival but it won’t work.

“Shortly after we heard that the people shot died and the security personnel that shot them has been handed over to the police,” he added.

It was also revealed by a close ally to Ochacho, that the organizers never invited any security outfit to come and work there because they already had enough security men from mostly Abuja and Makurdi on ground while sympathizing with the families of the deceased youths.

The Benue State Police Command on its own part, while refusing to give the real identity of the police suspect, saying it’s not necessary, promised that he would be investigated and be made to face the law, the Police PRO said.

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