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On Thursday 10th of June 2021, the Akwa Ibom State Government led by Udom Emmanuel held the 2nd stage of interview (oral) and verification of documents for the State Secondary Education Board (SSEB) employment at the Governor’s Office Annex, Wellington Bassey Way, Uyo.

The invitation to the First Class & Masters Degree graduates list which was duly posted on the SSEB official Facebook page where all other announcements concerning the Secondary School Teachers intake were made was hijacked.

Surprisingly, First Class and Master’s candidates which mostly turned-up earlier than 9:00AM with their original documents and waited for the spillovers of previous days to be done with, at about 3:00PM when the First Class Graduates whose names appears on the attached list herein previously used for CBT examination at UNIUYO were called, drama sets in as organizers/interviewers had a different list.

As names on the list was called one after the other according to subjects selected, the First Class graduates names were not on the list but fresh names. The names called by the board were rather people who did not take the CBT to qualify for the second stage and names drawn through favouritism, with a few exceptions.

As tension created by frustration filled the entrance with candidates insisting that the invitation stated that ALL FIRST CLASS AND MASTERS DEGREE candidates who sat for their CBT at Uniuyo should bring their documents for the oral and verification of documents, and insisted to be addressed by the head of service who was inside the office, a female staff who called the names and one Mr. Cletus was sent to disperse the the learned First Class graduates of Akwa Ibom State. These coupled with the Mobile Police Officers present sent away with resistance the candidates as their names where not on the new list.

This happening goes a long way to clear the air that Akwa Ibom State does not appreciate academic excellence, nor wants to have sound and qualified teachers in its public schools.

The clear embarrassment on the faces of the first class graduates made onlookers to ask with pity how states like Bayelsa with allocation and internally generated funds not to be compared to that received by Akwa Ibom State, has a standing order for automatic employment of First Class Graduates into their Civil Service.

It is worrisome how some candidates traveled from far and wide to their own state of origin for employment upon invitation but were shortchanged with unknown candidates. It is on record that this ought to be the very first time that the Deacon Udom Emmanuel’s administration is openly giving out wide employment into the state civil, but here merit has been sacrificed with mediocrity.

It is evident from comments session of the state secondary education board’s Facebook page that many candidates of other days who scored above 70%, some 80% and 96% respectively complained, that people who scored below 30%, some 20% and those who didn’t partook in the CBT at all were seen on the list, some with repetition in about four places in different list. It was observed that on the evening of the same day a shabby list was posted after the scenario and tagged “Reference”, bad!

It is high time that well meaning Nigerians and of course Akwa Ibomites looked into the issues of politicizing merit in Akwa Ibom State, as unemployment rate is on the increase.

The candidates presented this email for further correspondence and reactions: akfirstclassgraduates@gmail.com

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