Monarch Model College storm children’s day with 1st cultural display in Ibadan.

CEO laments unwillingness of Federal Government to stop insurgency.

Sues for parents to take responsibility

By Divine Sam.

Children’s day celebration in 2021 may have come and gone but the memory of cultural displayed by students and pupils of Monarch Model College will not be forgotten in a hurry.

The MD/CEO Monarch Model College Mr. Simeon Kayode Adeyeye

The cultural day celebration which came as first edition since the establishment of the college surprisingly coincided with children’s day celebration on 27th, May 2021.

The cultural day celebration which took place at the Events Hall of the college in Ibadan Oyo State capital features the students and pupils dressed in different cultural attires which represents various tribes and cultures in Nigeria.

Speaking with our correspondent in Ibadan briefly after the ceremony the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman Governing Council of Monarch Model College Mr. Simeon Kayode Adeyeye said the day was set aside to celebrates children of the college in a cultural way, taking them to know the cultural norms and values.

The children showcasing cultural activities

Mr. Adeyeye stressed the need and importance to also Impact the children with cultural education as it makes it balance whenever they come across their contemporaries from different cultures and tribes in their academic pursuits.

He said every child has a culture, but it is only the good aspect educative and informative that should be inducted in them, he said culture also identify the origin of a child, he called on parents to also indoctrinate good cultural values on their kids same way they give them sound education.

Concerning the children’s celebration the CEO regretted that physically with the look of the current situation in Nigeria, the future of many Nigerian Children is bleeding and hopeless and that is because the country is experiencing what he described as an up side down administration. The present negative happenings in the country has only come to add more salt to our injury when reviewing the era of Covid-19 and EndSars protest that deprived the children access to their education for almost a year and when they finally returned to school they encountered kidnapping from bandits as a result of insecurity.

He said the insecurity of the country not just affecting the children academically but economically where many of their parents are facing financially instability to concentrate and focus in their education.

” If parents are finding it tough definitely it will reflect on the kids, so currently you can’t even talk about their future because many of their parents not doing well financially, but however we hope there is a bright future for them”

” When it comes to the issue of security, no amount of money will be too much to invest on the security of children, the security of this country is not beyond the control of the federal government.

“Concerning the bandits, I am of the opinion that the federal Government is not ready and even willing to stop it, I don’t know who is deceiving who, we have the boko aram insurgency, what could have been their population that they are large enough to overwhelm and overpowered the armies of our Nation including other security firms in Nigeria?…., this is not possible rather it is a script that is being acted by this administration”

The award winning CEO sue for parents and guidance to be active and take full responsibility in the upbringing of their children, the only way the Nation can boast of good governance is when parents engaged their children in sound academic environment with esteemed teachings that is credible and competent to impact on the future of their wards.

He said quality education is the only adequate yardstick for sharpening the future with effective and sufficient reliance of a child.

Interestingly, the native ceremony features presentation of cultural display in many ways by the children, including cultural dance, languages, appearance, occupation among other cultural activities by different tribes in Nigeria.

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