The Idea of one Nigeria should be preached in all tribes, religion – CSP Ifeanyi Owo

… As Nesam International School mark 2021 school party.

By Divine Sam.

Leaders from various tribes, religious and other ethnic nationalities has been urged to preach peace, unity and one Nigeria always in their respective gatherings.

The Chief Superintendent of police and DPO Apata Ibadan Mr. Ifeanyi Owo made this called while speaking with NEWSIE EVENTS correspondent in Oyo State during the send forth party organized by Nesam International School located at Alexander Apata, Ibadan Oyo State in honour of their graduating pupils and students.

Pupils of Nesam international Schools on Stage performance

Mr. Owo, who represented the Oyo State Commissioner of police Mr. Ngozi Vivian Onadeko as the Chaiman of the party, sue for one Nigeria in all religious groups and tribes.

He commended the efforts of the college to have imbibed moral trainings in their pupils and students, making them understand the importance of unity in the country.

Parents of students and pupils of Nesam International School seated to watched their children’s performing.

CSP Owo noted that with the quality of graduands sent forth by the college, he sees a crime free society and one Nigeria in future.

He called on parents to adapt the principles of unity while rasing their children because according to him ” Igbo, Hausa and Yeruba are one Nigeria. Christians, Muslims and all other religious groups are all one Nigeria” therefore there should be no room for division.

The graduands of Nesam International School under a prayer and advise section

In her address, the proprietress Nesam international School Mrs Okoro said the day was set aside by the college to celebrate success.

She applauds parents for their magnanimity, encouragement and immense contributions to the growth and success of the academic session.

She said ” Today I am using this medium to communicate to all concerned that our children should be allowed to feel that they belong and have actively contributed to our status. Let me remind you, you are called a mother and father because of these gift from God. So let’s nurture these gifts well help them to be useful and responsible for the purpose God gave them to us”

Press club of Nesam International School on live broadcast

She revealed that the college recognizes and honours every child in the college because according to her the college cherished the future of every child.

Mrs Okoro said the college also encourages all pupils and students to focus on their humor, ambition, confidence, kindness, cooperation, courage, patience, truth, worthiness, creativity, generosity, fairness, enthusiasm, adventurous, imagination, perseverance, Respect, responsibility and also their academic performance.

The proprietress Nesam international School, Mrs Okoro and other members of the head table celebrating the children’s performance on the stage

” As a school, we do not deny our children the affirmation or connection, we rather willing to give our children all opportunities to shine in their unique ways what about you the parents?”

She called on parents to invest bountifully on the training of their children and involve in the child’s learning process.

Okoro regretted that many parents are less concerned in what happened to their children in school and that give some children the effrontery to misbehave in diverse ways. She beacons on parents to have a healthy relationship with their kids to enable them to sharpen, mentor, lead and inspire their kids in the process.

Parents should style up, and parental expectations should play roles in settling the child’s Educational plan.

The college is working hard, going through series of training to build up the driving passion and determination underpinned by skills, knowledge and empathy to raise the progress and achievements despite the challenges in the country.

She thanked parents for the enabling environment which has helped the college to succeed.

Interestingly, the send forth features different stages performance by the pupils and students of the college.

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