UNN SUG Senate President Impeachment: Nnamani Ifeanyi is not selfish, they just want to soil his name – Nigerian man says he can vouch for him any time

By Newsie Events Media:

Following NEWSIE EVENTS reports on the removal of the President of the Senate, Students Union Government SUG, of the University of Nigeria, Dist.Senator Nnamani Ifeanyi over alleged misappropriation of funds, gross misconduct and others, a Nigerian man, who identified himself as Mr. Anthony has come to his defence, saying he can vouch for the removed senate president,
“He have always had the interest of people he work with/for at hand
He is not a selfish person so it can’t be possible for him to embezzle funds” Mr. Anthony said when he reached out to Our Correspondent over the report.

Dist. Senator Nnamani Ifeanyi was on the 17th of August, 2021 removed as the Senate President of the SUG of the University of Nigeria. In a letter of his removal made available to NEWSIE EVENTS, and duly signed by Dist. Senator Ogbuh Chinazam, who is presently the acting president of the senate of the institution, it pointed out that Mr. Nnamani grossly violated the oat of the office he was occupying.

Among what he was accused of include,
misappropriation of pubic funds to the tune of N2,788,500, which is contrary to section 10(4) of the constitution of Students Union Government 2016, abuse of constitutional powers, Total Disregards for Instructions of Government of the Students Union Government by describing Senators as Comedians and others.

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However, Mr. Anthony, who described Nnamani Ifeanyi as a friend and a brother said that the allegations were all lies. He said that Nnamani’s accusers just wanted to soil his name and defended him fiercely.
“The sug senate president who they want to soil his name
I know the guy well enough to tell you he can’t do such
When I was in Nigeria we worked together” he said.

Mr. Anthony noted some great things Dist. Senator Nnamani Ifeanyi did when he was elected the Senate President. He said, “When he was elected the Senate president last year the shuttle drivers increased the rate of the transportation from 50 to 100 he went and stopped them from the increment but when he got there he found out that the president and co have gone to the cab men telling them to carry passengers for 100 and remit a certain amount to them”

Asked, why then was he removed, he said Nnamani Ifeanyi was removed for not willing to dance to the tune of the SUG Presidents of UNN/UNEC, Comr. Ani Stephen and Comr. Ugwuja Obinna who wanted him to put his signature on paper so they can defraud students of their money. He declined to approve the said sum.
Mr. Anthony said, ” The main impeachment stuff was a result of greed
The both SUG presidents wanted him to sign a deal of 65m when he refused they had to impeach him so the deputy can take the position and sign the deal”

To further assert Dist. Senator Nnamani Ifeanyi’s innocence, Mr. Anthony stated that the both SUG Presidents of UNN/UNEC were called for a press conference by the impeached senate president, to explain to the public what happened, but they absconded and didn’t show up on the day of the conference.

“He called them for a press conference to say what really happened,none of them showed up which means it was all lies, i will send you the link to the conference/debate”

The debate invitation notice reads; “I, the President of the Senate, Comrade Nnamani Ifeanyichukwu (Niceman) of the University of Nigeria, hereby invites the Presidents of both campuses of the University of Nigeria, Comrade Ani Stephen C and Comrade Ugwuja Obinna to a public debate to address the issues of the Union trending online and to tell UNN Students the state of the union. Phone lines will be open for students to call in
Lion FM 91.1
Time: 10 am

Also, on why the impeached Dist. Senator Nnamani Ifeanyi shouldn’t be mentioned in anything relating to the alleged fraud, Mr. Anthony argued that in an institution with assigned offices that has some levels of authority, the signature of the senate president ought to have been in the document that was tendered before such a huge sum of N65.3 million could be withdrawn from the students Coffers, but, his signature wasn’t there.

He sent the document to show where the senate president should have signed which he didn’t, showing that he wasn’t part of the those that took the money and shouldn’t be impeached.

Mr. Anthony wondered how someone who wasn’t signatory to the student union account could be accused of embezzling funds.

“The sug senate is no signatory to the student union account so how can he embezzle funds without being a signatory to the account?”

Meanwhile, both SUG Presidents of UNN/UNEC have agreed that they embezzled N65.3 million meant for students but, wants to settle the issue out of social Media.

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