Another Round Of EndSars Protest Will Destabilise The Unity In The Country – Yahaya Bello

By Chinenye Festus:-

Governor Yahaya Bello Of Kogi State during a Sunday broadcast said he is worried about the report that there will be another round of EndSars protest across the country.

The Governor appealed to the youth to channel their grievances to the panel’s Government have set up to address these issues instead of taking laws into their hands and become agents of disruption to the peace that exists in the country.

“I deem another round of #EndSARS protests to be premature and counter-productive at this time,” Bello said.

“Apart from the higher likelihood of conflict with the police earlier canvassed, we must also admit that the security situation in the country is very precarious at the moment…

“From what I can see so far, progress is being made at the various Panels. Not only are we seeing emboldened citizens coming forward with their stories of officer-involved in human rights abuses, but such erring officers are being identified. No doubt, established offenders will be punished, just like the scores of the defunct SARS officers who have since been dismissed from the force, and who may be further sanctioned.

“Youths have seats on these Panels and have acquitted themselves with commendable humility and maturity. I, therefore, call on them to persevere in this process despite any perceived shortcomings. It is only an unwise hunter who does not make time to roast or otherwise prepare what he took in hunting for consumption or commerce.

“All patriots must therefore make conscious efforts not to degrade a parlous security situation further.”The statement reads in part.

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