Adebayo Ishola Pays Tribute To Dr Sikiru Ayinde, Says Fuji Artistes Should Bow To Him

…. Says Fuji music is no more rascal

By Divine Sam

A barrister Fuji music entertainer and the director of Barryreborn Barusati Velvet voice Band comrade Adebayo Ishola has called on all the Fuji Artist to submit themselves to the originator of Fuji music Dr Sikiru Ayinde Barrister.

Comrade Adebayo made this statement on Sunday 20th December 2020 while marking the 10th year’s remembrance of the originator of Fuji music Sir. Dr Sikiru Ayinde Barrister MFR, which took place at Joybam Hotel Orita Challenge Ibadan Oyo state.

Comrade Ishola reveals that the ancient Ajirere music which is the traditional concept was refurbished into Fuji by Dr Sikiru Ayinde, therefore, Artists who are into Fuji should endeavour to submit to the originator of the music.

Adebayo Ishola doing with he knows how to do best with his Barryreborn Barusati Velvet voice team

He said Dr Sikiru did not only invented Fuji music but he redefined Ajirere into Fuji music which made it possible for him to change the sound and voice into a danceable rhythm that drives the culture and the tradition of African music.

Comrade Adebayo who holds a bachelor degree in Theatre Art from the prestigious University of Ibadan noted that the only African music that is globally recognized from the western region of Nigeria is the Fuji music. He added that when talking about existentialism, Naturalism, idealisms and originality of Fuji music entertainment should be accredited to Dr Sikiru Ayinde because he used his creativity and originality, so there is no argument that Dr Ayinde Barrister is the founder of Fuji music and by so doing the genres should be maintained by the practitioners.

Adebayo Ishola in one of his outings

He also told our correspondence that Dr Ayinde was sent by God to delivered Fuji music before he left.

Adebayo Ishola regretted that many Fuji artist does not respect the idealism but if you know that you are a Fuji musician “The way Muslim are bowing their heads for prophet Muhammad Abusallem, the way Christians are bowing their heads for Jesus Christ, All the Fuji Artist should bow their heads to Dr Sikiri Ayinde Barrister”

He said Barryreborn Barusati Velvet voice Band Beeto worldwide which is his brainchild is working according to the steps of Dr Ayinde Barrister because according to him Dr Sikiru Ayinde was one of the angels sent by God to deliver Fuji music even in the diaspora.

He said “personally as a Barryreborn I have chosen to follow the steps of Dr Sikiru Ayinde Barrister because of its uniqueness”

He said the way Dr Sikiru Ayinde Barrister redefined Fuji music is not all about noise-making, the educational aspect, the informative aspect and the entertainment are all included in the system. “So there is nothing one will say that Sikiru Ayinde is not the owner of Fuji music and has given a prior foundation to his legacies which ” I Adebayo Ishola stand to follow for the rest of my life”

Comrade Adebayo Ishola who told our correspondent that he started singing in 1999 but did not make it open as a genre because he was combining the Fuji activities with his education so he will have all the demanded credibility to preach and convinced the universe that Fuji music is no more rascal.

He said ” I want to propagate Fuji music from where Dr Sikiru Ayinde left it and move the motion for people to know that Fuji music is going to defeat all kinds of music genres.”

He said the significance of the 10th anniversary and remembrance was to illustrate the existence of the originator of Fuji music Dr Sikiru Ayinde Barrister MFR that even though he has left but his works are still in existence and some of us who are his followers are still alive and I prove to the audience that Dr Sikiru Ayinde Barrister is still alive.

He assures to preach more about Dr Sikiru Ayinde Barrister to the universe while pushing forward his music career and to lay more emphasis on some hidden fact and also bring new ideas into the Fuji music.

The 10th years remembrance anniversary with the theme “Tani Olorin” meaning who is a musician, under the chairmanship of Alhaji Morufu lla also features Sheikh Buhari, Omo Musa, as a guest lecturer, package and music by Adebiyi Adebayo, Otunba Olatokunbo Okunola Muhilly as the chief Host

Sheikh Buhari Omo Musa giving out lectures.

Interestingly the event features various Fuji music presentation by Barryreborn Barusati Velvet voice Band and other Fuji musicians to mark the anniversary.

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