Paul Okoye: My family’s problem is nobody’s business

By Newsie Events Media:

Nigerian singer, Paul ‘Rudeboy’ Okoye, says people have no business commenting on issues rocking his family

He stated this in a recent interview with Do2dtun while reflecting on the controversial split of Psquare, the now-defunct music group he once shared with Peter Okoye, his twin brother.

Since 2016 after they parted ways, the spotlight has continued to beam on the twin brothers.
Asked if he misses his twin brother since the split, the ‘Audio Money’ singer said he has moved on from incident and called on the public to also do same.

He said people should learn to respect the decision of others when it comes to issues that affect them directly.
Rudeboy added that the public should also allow the “Okoye family enjoy the peace” they’re currently witnessing.
“Let the Okoye family just have the peace that I think they are having now,” he said.

“I hate waking up anytime and just see people saying things you know. Whatever that happened is just a thing of choice and one thing you need to do is to try and respect people that wake up one day and say they don’t want to do anymore, okay.
“Like I always tell people, it is so unfortunate that family problem which I think is nobody’s business to know, but it’s so unfortunate that Psquare has to pay the price for it.”
His comment had come amid recent reports that Anita, his wife, had filed for divorce about seven years after they tied the knot.

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