Pete Edochie Laments scarcity of natural women, says Naija Women Now Wear False Boobs, False Bum

Newsie Events Media:

Nollywood Legend, Pete Edochie has lamented over the suden desire by Nigerian women to inflate their bums and boobs, which to him, has resulted in the scarcity of natural women.

The popular actor Pete Edochie said it’s now very common for Nigerian women to undergo plastic surgery and rock artificial enhancers just to look beauitful.

He condemned the trend In an Instagram post, noting that there are scarcity of natural women these days.

He said that it is now difficult to find a woman whose beauty is natural without any makeup, wig, or body enhancement procedures.

“Today, it is difficult to find a girl who is still what she is. They wear false hair, false lashes, false boobs, false bum, I do not know what is still natural about you, let’s be honest. Why must our girls be obsessed with these things, I don’t know,” he asked.

He further noted that he knows he might receive some tongue-lashing over his comment, but he doesn’t mind as he is used to it.

“I would want them to insult me and tell me why they are obsessed with those things. I might be insulted, but I mean, I am used to it. Insult me, it does not mean anything to me.

“Some girls now die when they try to operate and inflate their bum. May the good Lord help us,” the actor added.

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