Our Country, not Courses of Study is the Problem by Caleb Onyeabor

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One of the media aides to former President GoodLuck Jonathan, Mr. Reno Omokri has generated controversy on social media by describing specific courses as being obsolete.
While he is right about the need to learn a vocational, technical, or digital skill, he is wrong on the courses being obsolete. A large number of persons still study these courses in advanced and most developed countries and come out doing fine. If these courses had no value, you wouldn’t find them in the world’s best universities. For instance, sociology is a top course in US universities, the Commonwealth Secretariat, United Nations, and German Embassy announced job vacancies this year with special preferences for students who studied political science, for people who studied public administration, there are a lot of job vacancies that require a degree in administration, this shows that these courses have value. If I go on to bring out the names of people who excelled by studying these courses, I may not finish writing today.
The problem we have in Nigeria is not the courses people study. The country and her government are the problems, not the course. I have seen a lot of unemployed engineers. I have seen doctors unemployed and struggling too. Most of them want to leave Nigeria by any means. One of my relatives who read maths is still in the village. I know a lot of medical doctors who went for their horsemanship and refused to leave the hospital for new set to come in. They give a part of their pay to the patron to recycle them. This is because they don’t want to leave the programme and enter into a labour market where there are no jobs.
There are a lot of persons who have learnt one or two skills but no capital to start up. People doing business are not finding it any funnier in the Nigerian doldrums.
The country is in a terrible mess, not the courses. Companies cannot thrive in a country with an unfavourable business environment. Take a look at our health and educational system, everything is in a mess.
A student of computer science may not touch a computer all through his years of study. A student of electrical engineering doesn’t even know how to change electric bulbs, mechanical engineers looking for roadside mechanics to fix their cars, I can continue with a lot of examples. Even the courses Reno is suggesting or preferring is in the same trouble too. There are doctors in banks, engineers in banks, mathematicians in banks, lawyers in banks, pharmacists in banks, and so on and so forth. If Nigeria was rosy, they wouldn’t be there.
The problem is Nigeria. If you check on Google, you would see fully funded scholarships by western and Asian governments for people studying some of these courses Reno talked against.
Until we fix Nigeria, even if you study heaven and hellfire, you are in the same problem.
Caleb Onyeabor writes from Enugu and can be reached on WhatsApp via +2347032829241
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