Trump, Biden Presidential Debate Showdown, Full Of Personal Attacks, Bitter Insults

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President Trump and former Vice President, Joe Biden practically turned their first 2020 United States Presidential Debate into a session of personal attacks, as the moderator struggled to control the debate’s proceedings.
The Wednesday debate, which was moderated by moderated Fox News saw the duo expressed varied opinions on election integrity and voting by mail, the Whistler reports.
Biden said: “Let people vote…they decide how they are going to vote, where they are going to vote and by what means they are going vote.
“His own homeland security says there is no evidence at all that mail-in ballots are a source for being manipulated or cheating.
“The fact is that there will be millions of people because of COVID who would vote by mail-in ballots as he does by the way.”
Also, he claimed that Trump’s views on voting by mail were geared towards discouraging Americans from voting at the presidential election on November 3.
“We are going to make sure that those people who want to vote in-person are able to vote and this is all about trying to scare people from voting.
“Show up and vote, you will determine the outcome of this election, vote, vote, vote!
“And If I win, that will be accepted and if I lose that will be accepted,” Biden said.
But Trump failed to make any commitment to respect the votes, instead alleged that Democrats were scheming an electoral fraud against the country.
He also said that Biden was not true to his words when it comes to election integrity.
“When I listen to Joe talking about transition, there has been no transition…they came after me, spying on my campaign, they start from the day I won that election, they were a disaster and a disgrace to our country…so don’t tell me about a free transition.
“As far as the ballots are concerned, it’s a disaster. A solicited ballot is okay but they are sending millions of ballots across the country, there is a fraud.
“This is going to be a fraud like you’ve never seen, you are going to see who will win the election and I think we are going to do well because people are really happy with the job we have done.
“But we might not know for months because these ballots are going to be all over,” Trump said.
Asked why voters should elect him again over Biden, Trump claimed that he had achieved more than any president in the country’s history.
“Because there has never been any administration or president who has done more than I’ve done in a period of 3 and half years and that’s despite the impeachment hoax.
“Despite going through all these things we had a fight both flanks, behind me and above, there has never been an administration that has done what I have done.
“Before COVID came, we built the greatest economy in history, we had the lowest unemployment numbers, everything was good and by the way, people were calling me for the first time in years.
Trump also argued that Biden won’t be a good leader going by his political antecedents.
“We’re rebuilding the military including space force…by the end of the first term, I would have approximately 300 federal judges and hopefully 3 Supreme Court justices.
“President Obama and him left me, 128 judges, to fail; they left 128 openings.
“I say, if you left us 128 openings, you can’t be a good president, you can’t a good vice president,” Trump said.
But, Biden debunked Trump’s claims alleging that he actually inherited a growing economy from the Barack Obama administration.
Biden also said that Trump was failing in foreign relations thereby making the U.S. weaker in international affairs.
“Under this president, we’ve become weaker, sicker, poor, divided, and more violent.
“When I was vice president, we inherited a recession, I was asked to fix it and I did and we left him a booming economy, he caused the recession.
“He’s Putin’s puppy, he’s refused to say anything to him… regarding American soldiers. He never keeps his word,” Biden said.
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