I Used Charms To Make People Fall And Roll On The Floor As Miracles – Fake Pastor Confesses

A fake pastor in the picture above, has shared his confession yesterday on YouTube. He shared it on a video pleading for forgiveness by members of his congregation with whom he has misled for many years, he also warned the fake pastors, telling them that in whatever sins one commits, that there is time for everything which is revelation.
In his words, he said:
“My name is Pastor Jonathan Duke. I am a pastor in The Ancient And Overcomers Ministry Abuja, which has 5 branches nationwide. I am a fake pastor, a name which I truly deserve. I am confessing because i have lost everything in life, and the only solution now is confession to see if God will pity and restore me.
I have lost my wife, my house, my cars, my looks, my children, my church and you can call me wretched now.
These consequences comes as a result of my playing with God. Brethren, it is wrong to play with your creator. I have gotten many in my church pregnant, but always denied it because I loved my wife, I use to carry charms just to make people fall down and roll in my church. Those were nevercles, please forgive me.
The most recent one is when I was accused of doing all these, in order to make people believe and keep trusting me, I shared a prayer point that says ‘God expose me if I am what they say I am.’
My members prayed this prayer for 30 minites and behold, the next Sunday I was caught by a member who secretly took pictures of me and my choir mistress on bed, and shared it with everybody that led to my wife parkng out of my house, and my church going into disarray.
I used to call my choiristress every morning to my house so that we could have sex in the morning, but unfortunately, that day, it was no longer business as usual.
When I went on bed with her, I was caught by a member who took pictures of us secretly without our knowledge. I even lost my erection that day.
This led to my exposure. I never knew prayers work that way. All the members saw with their own eyes who they called Daddy.
Please I am sorry, forgive me, always go to church, don’t go for the pastor. Learn a lesson from this if you are fake because your days are numbered.”
He called on people to watch his confession video on social media, specifically YouTube, with the title fake pastor John.
It could be recalled last few months, a fake pastor confessed and we shared it here too, he also called people to watch his video and repent of their atrocities.
We call on the society to learn from these and amend their ways.