Following the release of the autopsy of late Chima to the Rivers State Police command, the commissioner of police CP Musa Dan Daura is set to address the public on the investigation and the result of the autopsy this week.
The police had said that the result of the autopsy is not a public document therefore, copies of the document would not be made public. However, lawyer to the Ikwunado family has applied for the copy of the autopsy report.
Since the death of Chima Ikwunado in the E-crack custody, the commissioner of Police has not made a public statement on the issue. With many Rivers State residents calling for him to make a statement on this, he has bowed to pressure and has heeded to their call.
The Eagle crack unit also known as the commissioner’s squad is a tactical unit directly under the supervision of the commissioner of police. This brings the question as to why the commissioner of police did not release a statement immediately the incident happened.
Meanwhile, a section of Rivers residents is calling for the sack of the E-crack commander Inspector Benson and all the police officers involved in the torture of Chima. They are also calling for the redeployment of the commissioner of police to allow for an independent investigation into the torture of the mechanic and four others. The police public relations officer is also not left out in the call for redeployment after he told the public that Chima died of high blood sugar.
We would bring you the details of the press conference and the autopsy as they unfold.
written by Udochi, Omeike Adachuks