You Are A Graduate, And So What? – By Amuda Wasiu Hassan

Education does not have to be formal for it to make an impact. Education should not be confused with schooling. Graduating with a degree does not mark the beginning or end your education.
Learning doesn’t stop, we learn every day. Graduating from a tertiary institution, employed or unemployed shouldn’t be reasons to dump a skill you once practised, or stop you from investing invaluable time on literature. It shouldn’t be the reason not to develop an existing skill or learn new skills
It is not just by what we study in school but how much value we can add to ourselves and rebrand what the school has taught us.
Being a graduate doesn’t make you not to look into what someone who is not a graduate is doing, learn it better if it interest you and brings the best out of it. Education is light, it helps you see into a situation better.
Let’s develop the habit of always investing in ourselves, seeking more knowledge, learning new skills, and associate with people of similar goals and people that are already causing waves in our fields.
You are what sells your products. Investment in literature and good skills may not get you a 9 to 5 job, but it will help you build yourself and place you in demand in your field for what you have mastered.
Written By Amuda Wasiu Hassan