Afghanistan: Facebook bans all content from Taliban and related accounts, describes it as terrorist group

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Social media giant, Facebook has designated the Taliban as a terrorist organisation and banned its content from its platforms, Reuters reported on Tuesday.

A Facebook spokesperson said the company is closely monitoring the situation in the country and that its sister app WhatsApp would also take action (including removal) on any accounts found to be linked with sanctioned organisations in Afghanistan.

However, Taliban members reportedly continue to use the end-to-end encrypted messaging service WhatsApp to communicate directly with its members despite the company prohibiting it under rules against dangerous organisations.

Earlier, Taliban spokesmen used Twitter with hundreds and thousands of followers to give updates during the country’s takeover.

When asked about Taliban’s use of Twitter to spread its messages, the company pointed to its policies against violent organisations and hateful conduct.

However, the company did not answer Reuters questions about how it makes its classifications. Twitter’s rules does not allow groups that promote terrorism or violence against civilians to use to platform.

Meanwhile, the Taliban officials have issued statements saying they want peaceful international relations and have promised to protect Afghans.

Taliban took control of the eastern city of Jalalabad on Sunday along with the capital Kabul which was the last major urban city under government’s control.

Hundreds of Afghans tried to flee from the worn-torn country to escape the Taliban. Visuals from the airport surfaced on the internet where scores of people desperately stood to fly to other countries.


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