BREAKING: President Buhari Reportedly Calls Police On Nigerian Protesters In London

By Newsie Events Media:

Nigerian protesters who gathered in front of the Nigeria House at Trafalgar Square in London, United Kingdom, demanding that President Buhari should return to Nigeria were on Thursday evening challenged by the British police who reportedly came at the behest of Nigeria’s President.

President Buhari, after attending the Global Education Summit on Financing Global Partnership for Education (GPE) 2021-2025, stayed behind to see his doctors, even as resident doctors in his country have gone on strike.

In a video, seen by NEWSIE EVENTS, the British police officers were seen speaking with the Nigerian protesters in a seemingly persuasive manner, urging them to stop protesting there.
Meanwhile, a Nigerian woman was heard screaming without fear, even as more officers were seen arriving in police vans.
The demands of the protesters which included the President returning to Nigeria and putting an end to the killings in the West African country.
A police officer was heard saying, “The cameras are on. Someone was sticking out last night, you just got lucky,” and when he was asked if he upholds the law, he replied, “I am without fear or favour”.

One of the female protesters said, “They are killing in our country, they are killing our people, Buhari is here with Boris Johnson and I am surprised that Prime Minister will condone such, condoning corruption and murder, it is terrible.

”They are killing in our country. Let him just go and resign, enough of the killings in Nigeria, where is that done and he has the audacity to come to this country for healthcare. He keeps embezzling our money and killing people, that’s our story. Muhammadu Buhari, the President of Nigeria is a terrorist and we will not back down, we are not violating the law, it is our civic right and we will exercise it.

”Buhari is a murderer. There is no single healthcare in Nigeria, Buhari is still in government for over 6 years, he keeps borrowing, the economy is not good, there is rising inflation. Our Naira has no value. They are kidnapping children and killing people.”

A male protester said, “There’s a criminal called Buhari here and what we’d like to do is get him back to the place where he has come from.”

Upon sighting an officer, he said, “That’s a big gun. I didn’t put him on the door. I’m surprised you are back. Even more (police officers) are coming, wow! this is serious.”

After the police left, a male protester said, “Day 8 of Buhari Watch, we are here in front of Nigerian House here in Central London, Trafalgar Square, where our president is still missing, yes the police have come and they have gone, they know that we are not doing anything illegal, this is the right of the citizens to protest, they were here to protect us. Yes, the police were here to protect us.

“Buhari, your administration has been the worst in the history of Nigeria, that is the only award we can give you and your administration will not get away with the crime you have committed in office. The innocent blood you are shedding daily will continue to cry for justice.

“Buhari, you are a total disgrace. Leave office now, no one wants you to continue, the people you have with you are living for themselves, they will also be judged, they will turn their backs on you, they will not honour a thief, no one is on your side, you are a kidnapper, a terrorist.

“You are hiding in London, if you are not, where are you? Buhari, you are a wicked President, leave the government now, release Sowore, over two years now. Release Nnamdi Kanu. Release Sunday Igboho now! Release all political prisoners now! Release all freedom fighters now! Go after kidnappers, go after the terrorists, go after Boko Haram. Go back to where you came from. Go back to Sambisa forest. Revolution Now!”

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