Let’s not deceive ourselves’, State of Nigeria Is Very Bad– Sultan of Sokoto

By Newsie Events Media:

The Sultan of Sokoto, Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar III, has called on government and politicians to shun painting a false picture and say things as it is presently in the country.  He submitted that  Nigeria as a country is in a very bad state.

Speaking during the opening ceremony of a summit in Gombe State, organised by the Da’awah Coordination
Council of Nigeria (DCCN), on Thursday, the Monarch posited that scarcity of food will increase insecurity in Nigeria.

He advised Governors to ensure there is adequate supply of food, as global food shortage looms.

“I will like to call on governors to ensure they make adequate supply of food in store for the common man in anticipation of possible shortage of food in the world. And at the right time, subsidise it so that the common man can afford.

“This is because a hungry man is an angry man. Without food, there will be no peace and without peace, there will be no security,” he said.

About the security situation in the country. the Sultan said: “Let us not deceive ourselves that things are right. Things are not right, we know it and we have seen so much in our lives.
“It doesn’t take anybody a lot to know that Nigeria is in a very bad situation and it is a fact.”

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