Covid-19: Gates Foundation Commits Additional $70m To Ensure Everyone Around The World Gets Vaccine

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In its bid to ensure that everyone around the world gains access to the new COVID-19 vaccine, the Gates Foundation, founded by Bill and Melinda Gates have added another $70m on Thursday, saying it hoped other international donors would now also pledge more.

Recall that Pfizer and BioNTech had announced success in early vaccine trials for Coronavirus.

In a statement signed by the duo, they said that the committing of an additional $70m was to make sure that the vaccines get to everyone and not just for those who could afford them.

It reads, “COVID-19 anywhere is COVID-19 everywhere. We have to ensure that everyone gets equal access to tests, drugs, and vaccines when they are available – no matter where you live in the world,” the foundation’s co-chair Melinda Gates said in a statement. “Our pledge today… means we are getting closer to having the resources needed to help the world fight this virus.”

In the mean time, many have begun to speculate that there could be disparities in the vaccine’s administration because of the challenges it faces when it comes to distribution. It was found out that the vaccine requires special ultra-low-temperature freezers which can’t be found in a typical doctor’s offices.

The Gates Foundation began pledging funds for the vaccines Advance Market Commitment (AMC) in June, and the extra $50 million brings its total pledges to $156 million. The new funds will also unlock an extra 12.5 million pounds ($16.5 mln) from Britain, which had promised to part-match other contributions.

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