Miracle!: 3-Year-Old Girl Rescued From Rubble 4 days After Turkey Earthquake[Video/Photos]

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A Child, identified as Ayda whose age is around 3 or 4, and had been trapped for 91 hours in the rubble of a collapsed apartment after the deadly Turkey earthquake was rescued alive, CBC reports.
The girl was rescued from a collapsed building in the Turkish town of Bayrakli, the worst affected by the 7.0 magnitude quake which struck Turkey and Greece on Friday afternoon, October 30th, killing at least 85 people .
Rescuer Nusret Aksoy told reporters that he heard a child scream and asked his colleagues for silence so they could locate where she was trapped.
The team said they saw her arm in between blocks of concrete and were able to talk to her.
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Rescuers said she waved at them, told them her name, and said she was okay before asking for water and Ayran, a Turkish yogurt and water mixture.
“She smiled, she was waiting for us,” said Levent Onur, one of the rescue workers pulling Ayda out, adding the child had been stuck behind a washing machine, which shielded her from injury.
Ayda was found in the kitchen, protected by the dishwasher and the washing machine, said, one rescue worker.
She did not have any injuries and did not look as if she had been under tons of concrete and dust, he added.
The country’s Interior Ministry also confirmed that Ayda’s mother was found dead by rescuers shortly after her child’s rescue.
Images showed Ayda’s father hugging her after she was found under the debris, covered in dust. Crowds in the area applauded rescue workers after they carried away the child, whose age was variously given as three or four years old.

“The name of our miracle after 91 hours is Ayda. Thank God,” tweeted cabinet minister Murat Kurum.
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