Trump lists conditions to vacate white house

By Simdi Gloria:-

The United States President, Donald Trump says he will relinquish power to Joe Biden if the electoral college affirms Biden’s win though he may never formally concede defeat.

Trump, who is the Republican candidate, who lost his re-election bid, when if he would attend Biden’s inauguration next year, as is the custom for an outgoing president said,
“I’ll be honest, I know the answer, but I just don’t want to say it yet,” he said, adding that it is “not right” that Biden has begun picking a cabinet.

When asked by reporters gathered at the White House’s diplomatic room if he would physically leave the building should the Electoral College affirms Biden’s victory, Trump replied, “certainly I will, and you know that.” But he swiftly maintained that there was “massive fraud and massive rigging” in the election, insisting that the court cases challenging the election outcome will continue.

He was further asked if he will concede defeat, he replied “it would be a very hard thing to concede,” even if the Electoral College confirms Biden’s victory. If they do, they’ve made a mistake. This election was a fraud.”

On December, 14 the electoral college electors in each state are due to vote. Certificates recording the electoral vote results in each state must be received by the president of the Senate no later than December 23.

Trump said that he was running out of time to present evidence of the massive fraud.

He further said, The whole world is watching and the whole world is laughing at our electoral process,” he said.

He has also declined to say if he will seek for presidency in the year 2024 saying he doesn’t want to talk about 2024 yet.

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