Assistant General Overseer Glad Tidings Assembly Mark 40th birthday in a grand style.

Family, Christian faithfuls described him shining light, man of impeccable integrity

… Alli declares stand for Nigeria’s unity, sue against insecurity

By Divine Sam

It was another glorious weather as various Christian denominations, congregations families and friends roll out drums en masse to felicitate with the Assistant General Superintendent of Glad Tidings Assembly Pastor Alli Olasunkanmi Johnson on the occasion of his 40th birthday.

The wife of the general overseer of the ministry Mama Elijah Olumoye led a delegation of executive members on behalf of the general overseer to express their joy and identify with Pastor Alli Olasunkanmi Johnson who they described as “our bastion of integrity.”

Pastor Alli Olasunkanmi being supported by families and ministers of the gospel to cut his 40th birthday cake

Mrs Olumoye said the celebrants remains a true son in the Christendom also being a strong pillar in the ministry whom they look unto as a perfect example to follow.

She also described him as shining light to the generation and a man of impeccable integrity.

Also speaking the Guest minister said “We appreciate the grace of God upon the life of Pastor Alli Olasunkanmi especially for him and his family to come out as people that are grateful to God and have not taken the blessings of God for granted.

The man of God regretted that some people are so materialistic about life they only pray when the have needs, he called on the Christian to learn and develop the act of showing appreciation to God’s benevolence in other to attract more.

Pastor Alli Olasunkanmi and his wife Mrs Omolara

Taken his message from Luke 17:11 and Psalm 103:2, the man of God stressed that God is bigger than the present and even the future and therefore urge his listeners to be humble whenever they are in the presence of God.

To the celebrant Pastor Alli Olasunkanmi Johnson, the guest minister said ” God who started with you, he is with you, he will continue to be with you”

Also speaking, the elder sister of the celebrant said the brother is a man of integrity and we all look up to him and at 40 we thank God for the vibrant steps of faith, and we as his family, which he belongs just feel we should come and celebrates, identify and encourage him.

Alli with colleagues

” We will continue encouraged in his heart to do more, and we trust God that we see him even at old age and still continue to be a blessing”

In a brief interaction with our correspondent in Ibadan the man of God and the Chief celebrant who was born and raised from the alter expressed gratitude to God for his unbiased magnanimity that has helped him all the way

Pastor Olasunkanmi acknowledged his wife Mrs Alli Omolara, his biological and spiritual parents respectively, his parents in-law, the entire congregations of Glad Tidings Assembly and Christians faithfuls for turning out in good number to celebrates him at 40.

The assistant General Oversee Glad Tidings Assembly Pastor Alli Johnson said his life will continue to please and live for God while rendering a selfless service to humanity.

In his words he said ” I have to see people being hungry, I hate to see people being depressed, I don’t like seeing people in a helpless situation, I want to live a good legacy”

The man of God counter people who say that we cannot be upright and said they are wrong. The Bible makes it clear through Christ we can live upright, people who we cannot be perfect they are wrong, the Bible makes it clear that we can be perfect through Christ, and that is why when you see somebody who is perfect in Christ, is important, mark him, so you can be inspired to know that perfection is possible and we can be like Christ, and my spiritual parents has not only taught it, hold on to it for over the years. I want to deeply appreciate my biological parents for their training and showing me the way of righteousness.

He sue for peaceful coexistence among Christ followers in the country and kicked strongly against the insecurity condition in Nigeria and beacon on the leaders to swing into action that is capable of installing peace in the country

High point of the visit was the presentations by various gospel worship team, cutting of the 40th birthday cake, series of praises goodwill messages by friends and love ones especially minister of gospel from different denominations and lots more to celebrates Pastor Alli Olasunkanmi @40.

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