FFK reacts to Adam Nuru, MD of FCMB Paternity scandal, says a good man died because of his reckless, wicked, heartless, and irresponsible behaviour

By Newsie:-

The former aviation minister, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode has come down heavily on the MD of FCMB bank, Adam Nuru, who got enmeshed in infidelity, paternity scandal.

Adam Nuru was reported to have fathered the two kids of his female staff who was married to Tunde Thomas. Tunde’s wife was working under Adam as they engaged in-office romance. Unknown to Tunde, the two kids he has been catering and caring for wasn’t his.

According to the report, Tunde’s wife travelled with the kids to the U.S for holidays. It was when she got there that she allegedly informed Tunde that he isn’t the father of the kids.
Tunde, who could not bear the heartbreak and emotional pains from such a very cruel act, died out of heart attack.

Reacting to the incident, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode took to his Facebook page and wrote;

“There are no saints in the world & very few angels but to sleep with someone’s wife, make her pregnant twice & send him to an early grave is inexplicable & unfathomable. This is made all the worse by the fact that she was working for him in a large corporation where such things are not meant to happen between a Managing Director and a subordinate. He also sent over 500 million naira to Ibrahim Magu’s Pastor’s account “by mistake”. The man is filthy, seedy, disgusting, sleazy, irresponsible, dangerous, and unreliable.

He deserves far worse than just being sacked from the bank that he presently heads. Far worse! He should not only bow his head in shame but he should also be subjected to total and complete public opprobrium and banned from the company of decent and civilised men.

..He is the scum of the earth. He is worse than a leper and ought to be avoided at all costs. May the soul of Tunde Thomas rest in peace and may God judge ALL those that betrayed his love and trust and caused the heartbreak that led to his premature death. Loudly crying face loudly crying face loudly crying face”

At least 1,927 persons have called for the sacking of the First City Monument Bank Managing Director, Adam Nuru, over alleged infidelity with a former worker with the bank, Moyo Thomas.

The petition is requesting the Central Bank of Nigeria and the FCMB board to dismiss Nuru on ethical grounds.

It came on the heels of the death of Moyo’s estranged husband, Tunde Thomas, who reportedly died of depression about two weeks ago after Moyo reportedly told him some months ago that her two kids were fathered by Nuru.

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