Igbos Won’t Secede From Nigeria Because Of Buhari – Ezeife

Newsie Events Media:

Former governor of Anambra state, Chukwuemeka Ezeife has said that Igbos won’t secede from Nigeria because of President Buhari.

In an interview with ThisDay, the former Governor stated that Igbos have to be careful and “not kill themselves because someone wants to kill them”.

Ezeife said “We must be careful with ourselves, we Igbo people.

“If somebody is targeting to kill us, should we go and kill ourselves? Let us tell our people the truth, we are not leaving Nigeria tomorrow and those who know don’t even want to leave.

“Are we leaving because of one man, Buhari? Before Buhari, were we being pushed out of Nigeria? I said Buhari has been pushing us out of Nigeria. Should we obey him?”

Expressing hope of the forthcoming governorship election in Anambra state being peaceful, he also averred that God has accepted a south-easterner as president of the country.

Ezeife added “It (2023) depends on us and as far as I know, our God has accepted the idea of a south-easterner as the president of Nigeria.

“That is why he is bringing about a new Nigeria because the Nigeria of old which we have today is no longer going to stay.

“The country won’t break up and Anambra election will also come and it will be peaceful with the right person emerging the winner.

“Egalitarianism which is Igbo culture will spread. Who makes Nigeria look like a country today? Tell me? It is only Igbo people you will find in every part of Nigeria and they develop it and they don’t do it in hiding.

“An Igbo man does not go into hiding to trade and therefore he goes to spread that economic knowledge. An Igbo president will make Nigeria grow exponentially, economically.

“We are not there for vengeance. No way. In fact, an Igbo man fights an Igbo man more than he fights a non-Igbo, therefore Nigeria is facing a new life.

“The conscience that is dead in Nigeria will resurrect.”

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