Miyetti Allah Vigilante Formed To Protect Fulani Interest, Exits Already In All 36 States — Miyetti Allah

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Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore National president, Abdullahi Bodejo, has disclosed that its vigilante members are already present in all 36 states of the country.
He also said that the group already has its member joined the Vigilante Group Of Nigeria (VGN) and that plans are underway to officially unveil its Vigilante Group on August 27.
According to Saturday Sun, Bodejo explained that the group decided to partner with VGN, a registered security outfit, whose Commander General, Captain Usman Jahun (Retd) is a Fulani
He explained that the VGN is already operating in every state and draws members from across the nation, including some Fulani.
He reiterated that the Miyetti Allah Vigilante was formed to protect the Fulani that is being killed across the country.
He noted that there was no justification for opposing the security outfit since other ethnic groups have theirs.
Bodejo said, “If they kill Fulani, they will say, it is Fulani who did the killing; if they killed some people, they will say, it is Fulani, and if they burnt down Fulani settlement, and Fulani carried out reprisal, it is only the Fulani they would mention. Fulani will always be mentioned in these problems even when they were not involved.
“That is why we decided to approach the VGN commander to collaborate with him to train our vigilante outfit. Before now, there was no Miyetti Allah vigilante in the country, but now if you see the VGN all over the country; you will see the Fulani because they are already operating under that VGN.
“What we are doing now is to identify the Fulani in that VGN security outfit. In some places, they are 100 and more in some places.
“We can organise them and differentiate them between the VGN, and we can have them in all the 36 states including the FCT, Abuja.”

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