NFF Vows To Expose The Nigerian That Harassed Players In Austria

By Newsie Events Media:

The self-acclaimed Nigerian who got on the train with Super Falcons in Vienna, Austria on Tuesday and practically harassed, throwing vituperative political talks on the players must be exposed, the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) has stated.

NFF said it has initiated moves to ensure the unmasking of the heckler.

According to the Team officials who explained on Tuesday afternoon that the girls, having been in the Austrian capital since Thursday preparing for upcoming international engagements, decided to have a view of the city after their morning training, opted to do that on public transport to the city centre.

The guy, who claim to be a Nigerian launched into abuses against the girls for representing Nigeria, and kept saying that no one could touch him because that would amount to assault as he had not touched anyone.

However, Nigeria’s FIFA Match Agent, Jairo Pachon told THENFF that the matter has been immediately reported to the Austrian Police and the Embassy of Nigeria, and the fellow, who was bundled out of the train at the next station, would be fished out.

“It is unfortunate. The girls were on the way to the city centre which was just a few minutes from the hotel. They entered this train and the guy got inside and started insulting them. He was bundled out at the next station and we have reported the matter to the Embassy of Nigeria and the Austrian Police. We have never had this kind of case with any of our teams and lessons have been learnt and we will be guided appropriately going forward.

“This incident will not in any way affect the team’s camping programme and they will remain in Austria until Saturday, 24th July as scheduled.”

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President of the NFF and FIFA Council Member, Mr Amaju Melvin Pinnick said the NFF will immediately report the matter to world football –governing body, FIFA and would pursue the case to its logical conclusion.

“We are infuriated because these are young ladies who are our ambassadors and are there in Austria preparing for major international competitions. That was a dastardly act by that fellow and we are not taking it lightly. The girls simply wanted to go on sightseeing and there is nothing wrong with that. They do not deserve to be subjected to such diatribe by a so-called fellow Nigerian. “We will unmask the fellow and then take it from there.”

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