[OPINION] Why Kanu should avoid Ojukwu’s mistake


Buhari will always be Buhari. An inept, nepotistic, brain-dead, callous and collosal disaster. If Buhari happening to Nigeria was a punishment for our sins, this is worse than the 10 plagues combined.

His recent mindless and crude statement concerning the situation in the South East should tell you all you need to know about how sadistic the Nigerian ruling class has ever been.

The same government that appealed to bandits and terrorists is threatening another group with war treatment. You know why ? In a post colonial state like Nigeria, there is nothing that scares the hell out of the ruling political and economic elites than the threat of secession. This is because they can’t afford to lose every thing they enjoy from Nigeria. The economic giants wouldn’t want that. The political wouldn’t want that. The foreign bourgeois who enjoy one or two things from Nigeria wouldn’t want that either. The country can burn for all they care but once they see a real threat of secession whether peaceful or not, they try as much as possible to crush it with all they have and everything at their disposal.

Since IPOB has been peaceful, the government which is just a front for the political, economic and foreign bourgeois combined, has been trying all they can to crush the movement. When they were peaceful, they were attacked, proscribed and targeted. How much more now that they are evolving into a full blown militia, armed and organizing mass insurrection ?

Attacking government infrastructure, security agents and structures are legitimate reasons for any government in the world to deploy full military might. Just like seceding in 1967 was a legitimate reason for Gowon to declare war on Biafra irrespective of what transpired. Take it anywhere in the international setting, they are justified.

This will be an opportunity. First and foremost, the Nigerian state irrespective of who rules, is sadistic and then you have a leader who represents a class of people with extreme animosity towards the Igbos. This will be an opportunity to unleash terror in the name of quelling an insurrection. Someone doesn’t like you before and then you give him a reason to fight you, how do you expect the fight to be ? The ordinary Igbo man will just suffer the most.

They don’t mind turning the south east to North east or even worse as long as Nigeria remains Nigeria. The elites across all spectrum including Igbo elites are determined to hold on to this contraption and when you see that part of the law that says “the unity is non-negotiable”, it is them talking.

When you know you are dealing with a sadist state and a sadist President, you have to thread carefully. When you are dealing with a lion, you have to be careful, the lion wants to eat you all the time how much more when you put your hand in its mouth ?

When you deal with the devil, you have to use a very long spoon. If you are not ready to confront the devil, you avoid the devil at least until you are ready otherwise the devil who has been unfair to you will ruin you the more. This was the mistake in 1967-70, Kanu and his boys are edging towards making that same mistake. This all-out approach will just attract a violent response and the east cannot afford another war or total violent response now. The east will suffer it the most and Kanu will be nowhere to be found.

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