Reno Omokri Lists Ten Things Buhari Should Do Instead Of Increasing Fuel, Electricity Tariffs.

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The recent increase in the prices of petrol and electricity has continue to generate criticisms on the Buhari led administration from well meaning Nigerians.
A Former presidential Aide to the Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri who had not only condemned the recent increase in prices of petrol and electricity, but has been in the forefront of attacking the policies of this present administration.
He listed ten things President Buhari ought to do instead of the recent hike.
Omokri reminded buhari the promise he made in 2015, that he will sell 10 presidential jets.
Some other things in the list include, ban on health foreign trips for government officials, stop sponsoring prigrimage to mecca for the muslims and Jerusalem, for the christians.

He made this known via a post he shared on his Facebook page.
The post reads;
Dear General Buhari,
Here are 10 things to do instead of increasing fuel and electric costs:
1. Sell the 10 Presidential jets you promised to sell in 2015
2. Reduce your’s and your aides salary
3. Ban foreign healthcare for officials
4. Stop sponsoring pilgrimage to Mecca/Jerusalem
5. Truly fight corruption
6. Don’t give Abacha loot to Governor Bagudu. Give it to the masses
7. Reduce your ₦3.5 billion 2020 feeding/travel budget
8. Stop borrowing indiscriminately
9. Use the money you are using to rehabilitate repentant Boko Haram to economically rehabilitate law abiding Nigerians
10. Pack out of Aso Rock and get lost to Daura. You are not fit to manage a shop, much less govern Nigeria!

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