Reno Omokri Says Presidential Jet Is Meant For President’s Official Functions, Not Uber Ride

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Former presidential aide, Reno Omokri has called on President Buhari to repay the cost of fuelling the presidential jet which was meant for his official functions but was  used to ferry people he claimed to be his representatives  to his PA, Bashir Ahmad’s wedding.
Omokri made this known via a post on his Facebook page, noting that it is sad that the presidential jet has been turned to an uber ride that ferries anyone to their destination. He called on the president to remember his promise that he will sell some of the jets but, 5 years since he said that, none has been sold but is being used by his families, friends, and cronies.

In his own words, he said; “General Buhari should be made to repay the cost of fuelling the Presidential jet for his PA, Bashir Ahmad’s wedding, as well the cost of paying the crew. If this were the UK, the Prime Minister would have resigned. It does not matter that the jet ferried Buhari’s representatives to the wedding, as is now being claimed. Buhari has bastardised those planes and Nigeria as a whole! This jet is meant for OFFICIAL FUNCTIONS OF THE PRESIDENT. Imagine turning our Presidential jet to an Uber ride! Come to think of it, he promised to sell some of them. 5 years later, none of them has been sold. Instead, they are used by his family, friends, and cronies. The uselessness of Buhari is more than that of a used sanitary pad!”