Unity at last: Christ Apostolic Church ends 29 years old Crisis.

By Divine Sam:-
The long time crisis that rocked Christ Apostolic Church has finally given way for peace to reign.
In an address presented at the press conference by the president of the Christ Apostolic Church worldwide, Pastor A. Akinosun during the 2020 Christ Apostolic Church virtual pastors’ conference with the theme: “God in the administration of men” which took place on Thursday, Sep 24 at the church All saint chapel, Basorun, Ibadan, Oyo state capital.
According to the president of the church, the 29 years old crisis which has rocked the church to its very foundation as well as division of the church through several court cases, has finally been brought to an end.
The man of God expressed sincere gratitude to God and was happy to inform the world that the crisis has been over once and for all.
He noted that the entire Christ Apostolic Church is currently in one accord love, peace, and Unity in restoration. The stakeholders have adhered to the voice of God to come together while putting an end to the long crawling crisis.
Pastor Akinosun also said that there has been distinctness attempt in the past to settle the widely escalated crisis by dialogue but all endeavours prove abortives, and sometimes whenever they move close to announcing the end of the crisis, some mundane issues would come up and thereby thwarting and stalling all their efforts, but this time around, ”all the stakeholders have been divinely instructed to end the crisis and we have all agreed that “enough is enough”
Akinosun said further, that though total unification is an on-going process, we are setting up a very strong integration committee made up of nominees of all critical stakeholders to fine-tune the process of total integration of all the groups in the church. He said the integration committee will work with a given time frame and will be guided by strict terms of reference to ensure our integration produce what our motto says ” one fold, one shepherd”
He said the committee will also work on the administrative structure, it would give the church a unity constitution and other matters that would smoothen our total integration to substantiate the truthfulness of our unity.
The president maintains that the Unity has come to stay and is a great feat, giving all glory, honour and adoration to God almighty for his unending covenant over the church.
He applauds all the stakeholders for their steadfastness and the critical role played that resulted in the peaceful atmosphere of gaging Unity and togetherness in the church.

He said “with the coming together of all the groups in the church, we are going to renew our strength towards evangelism, fervent prayers and we all shall devote ourselves, out time and our distance, more than ever before, to preaching the undiluted word of God from the holy altars in all the Christ Apostolic Church sanctuaries. By the grace of God, our church will pray for the rekindling of the fire of revival and the whole family of the earth will see and know that God is alive and is at work in the affairs of man”

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