Reno Omokri’s Message to iPhone12 Enthusiasts

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Former Aide to Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan and a leading voice in the Free Leah Shuaibu and EndSARS campaign, Reno Omokri has given a priceless advice to iPhone12 enthusiasts who are already very excited about the new phone hitting the market.

Omokri, who is known for his popular wisdom-filled, motivational, soul searching, teachable quotes tagged #RenosNuggets asked some salient questions to those whose minds are already made up to get the latest iPhone product. ‘Is your old phone not working?’.

He asked, how will buying the phone improve the life of the buyer.
Making this known via a post on his Facebook page, Omokri advises those iPhone adherents to not buy things just for buying sake.

He made a case through his question to remind the buyers of the importance of investing or starting a business than making nice choices instead of wise ones.

read his full post below;
“You heard that Apple’s iPhone 12 is coming out and you are excitedly saving to buy it. But ask yourself these questions:
* Is your old phone not working?
* Do you have more pressing needs that you have not met?
* How will buying this phone improve your life?
* Have you saved to invest?
* Do you own any income yielding asset, like a house, share, or part ownership of a business?
If you buy things that you don’t need, you will soon need things that you can’t buy! Buy on principle, not on impulse. Make wise choices, not nice choices!
#RenosNuggets #EndSARS”

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