Sharia Law In South West Is A Fulani Agenda, It Won’t Work – Bishop Wale Oke

Newsie Events Media:

Founder of Sword of the Spirit Ministries, Bishop Francis Wale Oke has warned Buhari government to perish the move to introduce Sharia law in the Southwestern part of the country, saying that such plan won’t work.

Bishop Oke was reacting to the memo submitted during hearings on constitutional amendments on Wednesday by a group identified as the Muslim Congress to the Senate Committee, proposing the implementation of Sharia in the South West region .

According to the Muslim group, it wants implemented in the Yoruba-speaking region to take care of its huge muslim population.

However, the cleric who is also the President of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) while speaking in his Church on Wednesday, said Buhari is suffering from extreme fatigue and has lost touch with reality.

The PFN president further warned those pushing the ‘Fulani agenda’ to drop it or else they will drop dead. He maintained that Sharia law will not be imposed in the South West adding that some people are pushing Nigeria to the brim of war.

In his words, “Some unscrupulous lawmakers, with all the mirages of problems we have in Nigeria; insecurity, Boko Haram, kidnapping and the economy on a free fall like the government is not in control, debt of Nigeria skyrocketing, they want to use amendment of the Constitution to propose the introduction of Sharia to all the Southwestern states of Nigeria.

“Tell them I am in the South West and there is no way for sharia here. It Is like we have an absentee President. Give credit to President Buhari, he has served Nigeria all his life but the man is suffering from extreme fatigue and he is out of touch with reality.

“Nigeria is never as divided as this and the people that he surrounds himself with are doing a very horrible job. Those close to him are not helping him.

“They are playing the Fulani agenda and it will not work. They are pushing Nigeria to the brim of war. There shall be no war in Nigeria in Jesus name. We send the war back to their homes and family in the name of Jesus.

“They are pushing Nigeria to the point of breaking apart, by the mercy of God Nigeria will not break. God has an agenda for Nigeria, and it will fulfill destiny. Those wanting war for Nigeria and are pushing a sectional agenda, wanting to create trouble God will give them trouble.

“I invoke trouble upon their life, home and I invoke peace upon Nigeria. God will give us peace even if it means removing the trouble makers, God will give us peace. Tell them to drop the agenda otherwise, they will begin to drop dead.

“We have lived together in harmony in the South West, Christians and Muslims for decades. I grew up in a village where when the Muslims are celebrating the Christians will join them in celebration, and when the Christians are celebrating the Muslims celebrate too.

“In the same family, you will find Muslims and Christians living together peacefully. So they see that the hijab thing in Kwara State has not worked. They now want to create religious confusion in the South West? it will not work. We won’t keep quiet.”

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