Shocking!!: Man takes his grandchildren for DNA tests, discovers he isn’t their dad’s father

By Newsie:-

A grandfather, who tried to prove his son’s wife’s infidelity, ended up having the shock of his life after getting the results.

Out of suspicion that his son was not the biological father of his three grandchildren, the unnamed man took them for DNA tests.

The DNA tests showed the man’s son actually fathered the three kids, but, in a shocking twist, it revealed that the granddad is not the biological father of his child.

This has reportedly created tension in the family as the granddad already hated his son’s wife.

A Twitter user with the handle @DrPenking shared the story on the microblogging platform, writing;

”Father-In-Law hated son’s wife and secretly did DNA Test on her three children and used himself as the baseline.

Result revealed that they were not his blood. More analysis revealed that the children actually belonged to the son but that his “SON” is not his own.”

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