Supreme Court, Miracle Centers and Obituary of Nigerian Democracy- By Caleb Onyeabor

Nigeria is a country of miracles. A country where unexplainable and unbelievable things happen even when the odds are against them. After all, rats once chased the President out of office and snakes were swallowing millions. Believe it or not, Miracles are happening everywhere in Nigeria. In elections, In the civil service, in the Police, in the national assembly, the presidency, the military, various state and federal institutions, in our churches and of course in our courts of law.
Of all these miracle workers, our politicians are top of the chart. The way they undermine, twist and bend the odds to their favor is worthy of inclusion in our scriptures.
Since 2015, many things have been happening. Eyes have not seen and ears have not heard.
The miracle ministry began by the anointed members of the People’s Democratic Parish (PDP) in 1999 have been perfected by the ordained elders from the All Progressive Chapel (APC).
One of the greatest casualties of the Hobbesian nature of the struggle for power by the political class in Nigeria is our institutions. Among the many institutions that have been rubbished and bastardized, the judiciary is the worst victim.

THIS is the exact state of Judiciary in NIGERIA.

These parties and their members have succeeded in making the Supreme Court ridiculous before the eyes of the people. With that “the more you look and the less you see” judgment between Ihedioha and Uzodinma in Imo state, the Supreme Court is officially a miracle center.
The reactions are worrisome. We have seen courts skew judgment in favor of their paymasters but not this one. Never in the history of this country has the apex court been subjected to so much ridicule and rejection. To an extent that people are publicly undermining, protesting and demonstrating against its judgment. To an extent that people are questioning its position as the final appellate court.
It is worrisome that an institution as sacred as the Supreme Court will henceforth be taken as a joke. It is worrisome that precedents have been set and Nigerians do very well with maintaining bad precedents. We should be prepared to see supreme court judgments in the future worst than what we have been seeing these days.
We have been watching this nation rage on in impunity and bask in the euphoria of insanity. That the virus has spread to the supreme court is an issue so grave for those who care to reflect on the obituary of democracy in Nigeria.
Caleb is a Political Animal and he writes from Enugu State.
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