Aloe vera is known as nature’s miracle plant for its many cures for disease, skin, and hair loss.
Aloe vera originates from the Arabian peninsula and is cultivated for agricultural and medicinal uses. It’s an evergreen, succulent perennial that grows in tropical climates around the globe.
In the summer season, aloe vera plants produce flowers that reach up to 35 inches tall. This sun-loving, easy-to-grow succulent helps to clear benzene and formaldehyde, which is a byproduct of chemical-based paints, cleaners, and more. Beyond its air-clearing abilities, Aloe is a very wise choice for a sunny kitchen window or porch.
Aloe vera aids in detoxification. Since we already know aloe vera helps with our digestion, adding aloe vera to water or smoothies daily is a great way to support easy bowel movements and keep waste and toxins flowing out of our system.
Breakdown of the Types of Aloe Vera
Aloe vera comes in four forms.
What benefits does aloe vera have?
The juice of the Aloe vera plant has over 75 known nutrients.
Aloe vera’s health benefits for the body include:
Relieving heartburn
Alleviating menstrual pain
Reducing inflammation
Antioxidant and antibacterial properties
Accelerating the healing of burns
Lowering blood sugar levels in diabetics
Reducing dental plaque
Helping to treat canker sores
Softening and moisturizing hair
Treating ulcerative colitis
Aiding in preventing cavities
Reducing constipation
Improving skin and preventing wrinkles
100% Pure Aloe Vera Juice Hair Benefits
1. Aloe vera for hair loss has been quite an explored area in our ancestors’ hair care regimens.It has been used for ages to promote growth, while conditioning and breaking down the sebum and the dead scalp cells to allow for further hair growth. Its alkalizing properties make the scalp and hairs pH levels balance to implement growth.
Can I apply aloe vera directly on my hair?
Yes, you can apply natural aloe vera gel directly on your hair. Since aloe vera treats various hair and scalp issues such as hair loss, damage, dandruff, itchy scalp, and fungal infection.
It also:
Reduces dandruff, adding luster and strength
Retains water and sustains moisture in hair
Easily penetrates the scalp and hair antipruritic: ability to alleviate dryness and itchy scalp ( eczema, psoriasis). The reason an aloe treatment works exceptionally well is the fact that it is soothing and calming while the aloe thoroughly conditions the scalp and hair. Aloe vera gel also helps to minimize and reduce sebum, or oil, located on the scalp. It creates a protective layer over the hair strands that keeps it consistently hydrated and safe from harsh outside environmental elements.
Rather than spending up to $10 using store-bought hair serums for shiny, lustrous hair, you can easily substitute by using aloe vera gel. It also works to create defined luxurious moisturized curls for curly hair. Just scrunch on freshly washed hair.
Aloe Vera Benefits For Skin
Aloe vera is an excellent skin conditioner as well as a natural moisturizer. It is full of antioxidants that help our skin thrive.
It is a great guard against sunburn and ultraviolet (UV) rays and it helps to heal the skin preventing early signs of fine lines and wrinkles.In addition, aloe is commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine to effectively heal problematic skin issues, such as psoriasis, acne, and eczema. Therefore, it is excellent for people with oily skin because it can reduce acne and does not clog your pores.
Nightmare Face Routine
Before bed, you can apply aloe vera gel on your face overnight. You do this by making a simple yet effective aloe vera face treatment.
Mix 3-4 drops tea tree oil and 1 tsp aloe gel as an anti-acne moisturizer.
3 Aloe Vera Deep Condition Treatments (Hair Masque)
Thoroughly combine the ingredients below. Use a comb to spread the resulting mixture evenly on your hair.
1 tbsp olive oil, 4 tbsp aloe gel
1 or 2 eggs, 4 tbsp aloe vera gel, and coconut oil or olive oil.
2 tbsp fresh aloe vera gel, 1 tbsp raw honey and 2 tbsp plain greek yogurt and 1 tbsp olive oil (great moisturizing results for thicker types of hair)
Mix all ingredients to make a smooth paste, without any lumps.
Massage this paste on your scalp and hair for 15 minutes.
Ensure that your strands are covered in this mask.
After doing one of these three options,and after 30 minutes or an hour (some leave it on overnight for amazing results) wash your hair with lukewarm water, and a mild shampoo and conditioner.
You can use this hair mask once a week or twice a month.
As we can see, is far much better and healthier using our natural herbs and root to take care of our body. Let’s live and eat healthily.
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