The Cracks Vice President Osibanjo Talked about by Caleb Onyeabor

Newsie Events:- #Opinion By Caleb Onyeabor
Not too long ago, vice President Osibanjo raised an alarm about the existence of cracks that are capable of undermining the continued survival of Nigeria. Today, volcano is erupting from one of the cracks and there are now potentials more than since the last civil war of a possible eruption from different other cracks.
#EndSARS is just a reaction to one of the cracks in Nigeria. A crack where the police that is supposed to protect the lives and properties of the people are the ones endangering the lives of the people. This crack has existed for many years and 2020 is the year it decided to let out the volcano in it.
As the #EndSARS campaign goes on, other cracks that are capable of instigating a rebellion of the people include banditry in the north, poverty, unemployment, terrible economic conditions, corruption in high places, and a hopelessly lopsided federal system that has institutionalized marginalization and alienation of the citizenry.
The many years of these cracks have created a feeling of frustration and frustration breeds aggression. It is the accumulative frustration over the brutality perpetuated by SARS that has led to this aggression where people are trooping out in their numbers.
If not properly managed, people will come out to #EndBanditry #EndCorruption #EndPoverty #EndUnemployment #EndHunger and express their dissatisfaction with a lot of other cracks, Nigeria may not survive it.
The recent brewing crack is that of the Zamfara gold saga and people are beginning to ask questions as to why Zamfara should retain control of its gold but the oil in Rivers State belongs to all.
Time is ticking very fast and Prophets of doom might just be on the sidelines waiting for that prophecies to come to pass. Proactive measures ought to be taken to avoid the end of the over 100 years of Lugard’s experiment.
Caleb Onyeabor writes from Enugu and can be reached on WhatsApp via +2347032829241
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