Worship Concert: Pastor Gambo of Living Faith Church urges Christians to love God

By Divine Sam
The first Sunday in the month of October may have come and gone, but the memories of overwhelming praise and overhauling Hallelujah to Hosanna in the highest will continue to remain evergreen in the hearts of the congregational members of Living Faith Church popularly known as Winners Chapel.
The praise and worship concerts tagged “Glory” happened live at the auditorium of the Winners Chapel located at Orita Challenge branch, Ibadan Oyo state capital began on the first Sunday in the month of October.
Ministering at the concert was Evang. Joshua Oshigho from Asaba as a guest minister and Lady Ola Crown a sag minister and various church choir ministers from different denominations in Ibadan.

Lady Ola Crown ministering

In his ministration, the resident and Senior pastor of the branch senior pastor Emmanuel Timothy Gambo expressed strong delight and gratitude to God for sufficient grace to host the spiritual growth activities as part of the ways ushering in the month of October.
Pastor Gambo said that the month of October was singled out specially as a month of extraordinary praises to God for all his unending supremacy upon our lives and activities. The only way to achieve that, give him all the praises and adoration was to invite other churches to join them for worship concerts.
Pastor Emmanuel Gambo

Taking his sermon from Philippians 4:8, Psalm 69:30, and Psalm 67:1-5 respectively, called on Christian communities to develop a penchant for praising God irrespective of the circumstances of time.
The spirit-filled God’s servant urged his congregation that praise is the only panacea that can move God and for such praising, God should be unconditional and should be uncompromising.
He made it known that God expects Christians to praise him as his children for a greater reward, Christians should always find reasons to praise God.
“Be rest assure that God is mightier than those in the world and when you praise him he suppressed all that troubles you”
The digital preacher called on Christ-followers to disassociates themselves with people who cannot encourage them in the faith, rather should be
surrounded by those capable of motivating and build their spiritual lives in praising God.
He also charged his congregation according to Philippians 4:8 to imbibe in true reports that will enhance their miracles and testimonies beyond the present moment.
Interestingly the spirit-filled exercise features choir ministrations from different denominations, high praise by the radical Asaba ministers and lots of spiritual exercises to mark the 2020 Concerts of Praise in a grand style.
Choir ministrations

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