LG poll in A’Ibom: socio-cultural Organisation cry for Equity in zoning … Agitates for Chairmanship seat. – By Divine Sam.

Members of the socio-cultural Organisation knowns as Ujo Mkparawa Afe Midim clan (UMAM) has Raises serious alarm ahead of the forthcoming council elections in the state.
The Ujo Mkparawa Afe Midim clan which emanated from Midim clan in Abak LGA, Akwa Ibom State is one of the strongest socio-cultural and political Organisations in Abak LGA, headed by Adede Emmanuel Edem as the international president and Sir Cyprin Ennang as patron respectively.
The organizations vehemently seeking for what they called justice, equity and fair play in the Chairmanship zoning formula in Abak LGA and are taking the bulls by the horns to ensure that Midim clan takes a turn in producing the next elected executive Chairman of Abak LGA.
Speaking with some newsmen in an emergency meeting the patron of the group Mr. Cyprin Ennang expressed dissatisfaction over what an alleged Injustice against Midim clan in the political sharing formula of Abak LGA.
Mr. Ennang who claimed to be a chieftain of the party in Abak LGA but regretted that his area Midim clan has maltreated in power-sharing.
Cyprin noted with sense of humor that in 2007 a son of Midim clan was appointed a commissioner and did not remain in the position up to a year but since then Midim clan has not been given a chance to serve in an elected office, neither appointed as an aid to the governor, Midim people are still faithful and a strong supporter of the PDP, notwithstanding being cheated.
He said Midim clan has deceived severally on zoning because the clan has refused to go out on a road protest to pour out their bitterness over being cheated.
Sir Ennang said it will be the aspiration of creed for any clan in Abak LGA that indicates interest in the forthcoming local government elections as it is now the turn of Midim clan to produce the next elected executive Chairman of Abak LGA.
Also speaking was a one-time Councillor in Midim and the adviser of the organization Mr. Savior Handson who narrated a brief history of the zoning settings of Chairmanship in Abak LGA.
He said since 1998 when PDP was registered as a party an election was conducted Midim and Afahaobong were the clans in Abak LGA that supported the PDP and won elections as councilors while other clans won elections in APP, he said Midim clan supported PDP wholeheartedly till dates.
Mr. Handson who is a pioneer councillor of the PDP in Midim made it known that since 1999 when the Midim clan took their turned to produce an elected executive Chairman of Abak LGA from that time till date the clan has been denied a turned to produce another elected Chairman, he called on the leadership of the PDP to justify the decision of the Midim people.
In his word the international president of the organization Mr. Emmanuel Edem noted that of 5 clans that made up Abak LGA four has been given a chance including the seating incumbency Chairman who held’s from Afahaobong clan and therefore it is not expedient that Midim clan denied their turn.
He said moreover now is the turn of Midim clan to produce the Chairman of the council.
Mr. Edem maintained that the socio-cultural Organisation is ready to resist any force that will work contrary to the decision of Midim people, any clan that will oppose the turn of Midim clan will not enjoy the supports of Abak people in general.
Adede Edem said Midim clan is blessed with what it takes, the qualities of persons with demanded requirements to occupy the number seat of Abak LGA and that they are fully prepared to produce an elected executive Chairman of the area.
He called on those nursing ambitions from other clans to withdraw as their aspiration may lead to violence in the area, it is the appropriate time for the Midim people to have their way in the council, He said.

Some Executive of the organization