Life is too short and fragile – By NaomiMeliki –

Ellen, the American TV talk show host said it when she expressed her sadness upon the tragic helicopter accident that killed 9 people on Sunday morning that includes the legendary basketball player Kobe Bryant and his daughter GiGi Bryant.
I bet that morning everyone thought everything would be okay, that they just went to practice basketball like usual.
Nobody especially their family would have thought that their breakfast together was the last meal they would have together…
We often forget that we don’t give value to who we have now, we are so busy with our own things, works, problems till we don’t have time to check or to spare time for the people around us that matter the most.
We forget when we still have both of our parents, we spend more time hanging out with our friends rather than just spend time with two people who gave their lives to make a better life for us. We said I love you all the time to our beloved girlfriend or boyfriend but most of us finds it difficult to say it out to our parents, or we do it maybe once in a while on their birthdays or when they get sick or via messages.
We are so busy with work to make money to provide for our families and we often forget to spend our small free time in the morning or evening to share with our family, to create moments.
We are so busy to look for love but forget there are love around us that we choose not to notice it…
We are so caught up with our activity so when our loved ones try to call or text us to remind us to eat or just a simple I miss u or I love u, we just ignore them.
We forgot to hug our parents, our partners, our kids’ because we are so in a rush to go somewhere or just don’t wanna look like we are so pathetic in front of people.
When they are gone, that’s when we finally realize that we missed them, that we missed their kiss, their hugs, their saying I love u kids, I love u hubby, I love u wifey, I love mum, I love u, dad.. it is when we gonna miss the text that they send every day, it is when we will realize we won’t be able to do all the things that we suppose to do when they are alive and we chose to forget about it.
My dear, if u still have your loved ones around u now.. show them u care, no matter how tired or caught up u are with your world, with your work, with your problems, spend a little time with them.. in the morning when u wake up after u pray for them, call them or text them and say that u love them.. if it is your wife or your husband or your kids, kiss them and tell them u love them.
We never know what will happen to us tomorrow, heck we never know what will happen to us in the next 5 seconds…
Cherish your loved ones while they’re still around you, not when they’re already gone.
Tell them you love them while they’re still breathing, not when they already buried.
Show them how much they mean to you when they are still here, not when they already in heaven.
Life is super short, super fragile and super unpredictable, cherish the moment, live the moment and be grateful and thankful to God if you still have all your loved ones alive now.
– NaomiMeliki –