How Nnamdi Kanu Saved Amotekun From Being Destroyed By The Fulani- By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi

The North could have destroyed Amotekun if not for Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s timely and fearless reaction. I know some unthinking lots will ask why am I attributing this to the IPOB leader. But you just need to hear me out.
Before now, the North has been using both the West and East anyhow they want. After using the Yorubas, they turn to Ndi Igbo and start using them. Ndigbo will gladly accept it and tell the Yoruba that they also did the same. That it is now their turn to enjoy the backside of the Fulani. This is perfectly engineered by the Fulani using the leaders of both regions. The people remain powerless and can’t question them. It has been this way for the past 50years.

The last ploy of the Fulani was the use of the Yorubas in 2015 to oust the government of Goodluck Jonathan. Something that didn’t bring the only destruction of the economy, but also destroyed countless lives.
With the setting up of Amotekun by the Yoruba, the Federal government of Nigeria, using their normal tactics through Miyetti Allah terrorist group, wanted to use the Igbos to fight Amotekun, but failed. Earlier before now, they would have just gone directly to Igbo political leaders and they will start making statements against the security outfit, and the Fulani will then crush them. A support of the Igbo to the Fulani will crush the Yoruba, just like in 1966 where the support of the Yoruba to the Fulani gave them the assurance to wage war against Biafra.
The coming of Mazi Nnamdi Nnamdi Kanu has depleted the powers of Igbo politicians. They are even afraid to make useless statements for their slave masters. The IPOB leader has created much awareness, awoken lots of people and exposed Igbo leaders and the game of slavery they play with the Fulani. The Fulani hegemony knows it is all over. The days of using Igbo people are gone, thanks to the IPOB leader. Their plan to remind Ndigbo how the West disenfranchised them and promised to throw them into the lagoon didn’t work.
Moreover, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu already pledged support for Amotekun and even promised 1 million IPOB members. This show of solidarity is something the caliphate can’t overlook, hence the agreement to formalize Amotekun. The question is; Will Yoruba refuse to be used when their own time comes?
Written By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi,
For Family Writers Press International.