Buba Galadima, a spokesman of the Peoples Democratic Party during the 2019 general elections says he is homeless after the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria took over his house.
In a statement released on Tuesday, AMCON said it has taken over GALADIMA’S house and company because of debts to the tune of N900 million.
He said the act by AMCON is an injustice to him and his family. Galadima claimed that the seizure of his house was a ploy to humiliate him and smear his image. He also said he and his family are now homeless and would sleep on the streets following the seizure.
A Federal High Court in Abuja ordered the seizure after Galadima failed to pay a debt of N900 million loan he took from Unity Bank plc in 2011.
AMCON said it had offered Galadima a hand of friendship to resolve the issue of the loan but Galadima had refused to dialogue with them.
Justice A. I Chikere gave the order for AMCON to take over the property which includes properties at 4 Bangui Street, Wuse 2 and 15 Addis Ababa Crescent, both in Abuja.
The corporation has since told debtors to pay off or face public shame and ridicule. The Nigerian government also supported their call by cutting ties with people who owe the corporation. AMCON currently has 5 trillion worth of debts.