(Pictures)OPM Recovers Sophisticated Weapons: Our vision Is To Depopulate Hellfire And Populate Heaven – Apostle Chibuzo

After 240 previously recovered ammunitions in a single Sunday service, OPM recovers more sophisticated weapons from a known cultist, kidnapper and armed robber.

recovered ammunitions by OPM

No Sunday passes by without a throng of men and women gathering on the altar to denounce their evil ways and involvement in criminal activities and their ammunitions surrendered.
The OPM amnesty program is a program that has transformed so many souls and rescued them from destruction.
According to Apostle Chibuzor Gift Chinyere: “His vision is not to be the richest man in the world, drive the best of cars or buy private jets but his vision is to reach out to the unreached, the Armed robbers, kidnapper, cultists, drug addicts, assassins and prostitutes. Winning souls for Christ, preparing men and women for the rapture, depopulating hellfire and populating heaven is what he is passionate about.”
Every Sunday, Arms, and Guns are recovered from these men and women who are determined to shun their past evil lifestyle and turn a new leaf by genuinely repenting and embracing Christ wholeheartedly.

Just like every other Sunday, February 2nd, the church recovered:
3 Sophisticated weapons such as 2 Aka 47’s and 1 FMC.
10 Magazines with ammunitions
2 Police sergeant mobile uniform’s
2 Mobile polo uniforms with rifle badge behind
2 Bulletproof jackets
4 walkie talkie. Etc
Apostle Chibuzor presenting the discovered Ammunitions

Where recovered from some notorious criminals who denounced a life of crime. The recovered items have been handed over to the Anti cultism squad and the just recently repented men have started their rehabilitation process in OPM with immediate effect.
Because Apostle Chibuzor is very particular about human capital development, he is relentless in giving the lives of these young men a meaning even though the rehabilitation process is capital intensive thereby consuming large amounts of money. Apart from the spiritual exercise they are made to go through, during the rehabilitation process accommodation is provided for them at no cost at all and they are fed twice daily. They are taught various skills like Pipeline welding, scaffolding, Paint making, Oil Rig operations, instrumentation, and marine engineering ETC.
With the help of the kind-hearted man of God, the church pays bride price and conducts proper marriage for the ones who are of marriable age or already leaving with a woman.
Their wives are given monies to start businesses of their choice and their children are automatically enrolled into the OPM free School where Lunch, Books, Uniforms, bags, and footwears are given out for free.
God is indeed happy with OPM as the church and man of God is constantly in the business of rescuing sinners and depopulating hellfire. Its operation 2 billion souls for heaven, not even the devil and all the host of hell can stop this movement.
All this and many more are from offerings and tithes coming into the church.
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