Polygamy Cannot Tame a Wild Man – By Caleb Onyeabor

There is this common notion held by both men and women that men are naturally promiscuous. This school of thought argues that men will always cheat because it is part of their design and genetic makeup.

Adamu Garba need more wives

I came across a tweet by Adamu Garba, a former presidential candidate where he reiterated the above notion and then advanced polygamy as a solution. Mr. Adamu said that ” Any man who marries just one wife is being stingy to women” he further argues that men are destined not to be satisfied with one woman and that’s why a polygamy is an option. According to him, any man who has one wife is cheating on her with other women and that’s illegal. Polygamy just makes it legal
I have an opinion and I think my opinion differs. Polygamy doesn’t stop a chronic womanizer from womanizing. Polygamy cannot tame a promiscuous and wildly amorous man. A man who loves women and cannot control his desire for women will still go after other women even after marrying 10 wives. In the same way, an undisciplined monogamous man will be jumping from one wrapper to another, an undisciplined polygamous man will still do the same. As far as the man lacks that discipline and cannot tame the dragon in between his legs, his pursuit of women will be insatiable whether legal or illegal.
The keyword is discipline.
Caleb the Political Animal writes from Enugu. Connect with Caleb on Twitter through this link twitter.com/caleb_onyeabor