Nancy Pelosi can still hit Trump one more time By Caleb Onyeabor

Everyone has got his or her devil.  Nancy is Trump’s and Trump is Nancy’s.
The theatrical display in yesterday’s state of the union address has even overshadowed the message of the address.
Trump knew that Nancy must be up to something so he has got to hit first. He gave Nancy the transcripts of his speech and while she stretched forth her hand for a handshake, Baba Trump snubbed her.
Mad ooooooooooooh.
The world was watching. Imagine you are sitting with others and someone came along, shook the rest and when it got to your turn, he acts like he didn’t see you, despite the fact that you put out a hand. You know that feeling right?
That’s how Nancy felt. She tried to force a smile and act like all is well. The world just watched her got snubbed.
I bet all those while Trump was giving his speech, not much was going through her mind except how to equalize and get even with this white head man who has tried to make her look irrelevant before the whole world.
Then the perfect time came, Trump’s speech presentation was over. She had a platform. She was right where the whole world could see. She was at the spot were hitting back at Trump will be done best. While others stood up clapping hands for the President. Madam Nancy snatched the show, stood up elegantly and graciously tore the transcripts right before the eyes of the whole world.
Oya let’s be professional. This feud between Trump and Nancy is beef taken too far. What Trump did wasn’t proper, what Nancy did either, wasn’t. Whether you like it or not, this is politics of bitterness. It could generate into worse things, with worse implications for American politics.
But wetin concern musa with white house ?
Did you see how Trump set his head at the end of the speech, in the midst of the applause? While Nancy was tearing his speech, did you see how he held his head and straightened his face? Did you see how he didn’t care what Nancy did or not? Receive your applause, ignore the enemy behind you… Motivational speakers are coming for us soon. Watch out!
When the news broke, I remembered the photo of Nancy tearing the transcripts of Trump’s face, I remember I didn’t concentrate on the face.
Poor Nancy! Look at the face. I think she looks all teary. That face is looking like an “about to cry” face.
There is a reason why she might actually cry this time. Trump just got acquitted by the senate. Impeachment is over. Trump won, Nancy lost.
I know this is hard for her right now but she still has one more shot left. This time, she and her copilots will be facing an even harder task of making Trump lose reelection at the end of the year elections. Common Nancy, you can do this (laughs)
The game is like Trump 3 vs 1 Nancy.
If Trump loses the next election. It will be a great comeback for Nancy and her copilots.
The game will turn to Trump 3 vs 5 Nancy. ( Don’t ask me how )
Making Trump lose reelection is like 4 goals in 1. Remember that Ibrahimovic overhead kick 40 yards away from the goal post against England?
Yeah, that’s the kind of goal Nancy needs right now.
Caleb the Political Animal writes from Enugu. Connect with Caleb on Twitter through this link