THE MASKS WE WEAR By Gerald Innocent

Clothed in shame, dressed in anxiety, robed in sadness, filled with regrets, wreaking of pain, stink of depression, sinking in disappointments, drowning in sorrow, wallowing in contempt; and through it all, the face undresses pride to present a feeling of equality, disrobes anger to bring forth joy, perfuming a scented enthusiasm with contaminating smiles and laughter that is misunderstood.
Disguising its true feelings and expressions to escape being judged, condemned, trampled upon and condescended to by those who are the real reasons for this torment, scourge, hatred, damnation, torture and struggle within.
To be recognized, accepted and pleased by the undeserving, the face loses its true expression forgetting a different version of it exists in the mind of everyone that has ever gazed upon its mien.
A reversal to lone, isolation, solitude, reclusion, anchorite, seclusion, repression.
Every face tells a story. Said stories lay claim to the face at every given moment.
Cheers to the masks we wear.

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